Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Member In A Happy Family

It's been a long time since I haven't writing any new post here. I have been thru' a lot of things to do as my family is celebrating our new member in the family!! This baby (my baby :-) ) is born on 29 August 2009, Saturday morning in 7.30 a.m in Hospital Jeli, Kelantan. :-)

Like people said, "When one passed away, the one will reborn"...... Since a year ago living in a deep sadness and dissapointment for my father's death, and after a year and 15 days from my father's death, a pure replacement come right away to wash away my sadness. TQ

-After 10 days, I'm still don;t have any idea for his name... haha
-After this, new post will come daily :-)


  1. His cute! Congrats my dearest friend! send my regard to aumil!

  2. uhuhuh tahniah bapak budak! name perlu la ringkas, padat & dalam maksudnya..hehehe percayalah name itu membentuk keperibadiaannya..

  3. dj jadi bapak ko ye..congrat :)
    kem slm kat alang k
    mintk tlg die call or sms aku blh?

  4. salam.. tahniah..
    jadilah bapak yg baik.. asuh hingga masuk SMKAP.. hehe