Monday, June 29, 2009


Firstly, I'm just a newcomer in blogging activity, thus surely I'm still searching my direction into these blogging. Surely from my understanding, blogging is one of the powerful method to spread any ideas, which you are free to write anything, wheter it is bad or not.

Long time call for me to start blogging eh? :-)

When I start my first post in my own blog, surely this is my first step to be a bloggers, whether I'm a good bloggers, average bloggers or maybe a bad bloggers? Surely I'm hoping that you will always keeping supporting me by criticising my blog from time to time. Your critics surely be in my first priority in references for future blogging.

Now in this time, I'm really motivated by a true stories of several successful people around me, which some of them gives me a pure inspiration to start thinking about my dream success. But what most inspiring me, one of the closest example in my country, are several of internet millionaire, like Ammar Zahar who is the founder of Duitmania, which at a young age, he can discover by it's own the potential and power of E-Commerce, which I can see his creditibility to take his own step to be a successful in young ages, which his self motivation, set him independently deciding his own successful future.

I'm praising him not because specifically interested in his Super-Affiliate program and techniques, (but it's a lie I not interested), but my concern is his successful stories give me a new definition about success. Almost people may think that a successful life is when you have a high level of education with high grade, have a very promising and professional jobs such a Engineer, Doctor and etc, but it is not just about that, but the most significance explaination to a succes is how to take the effort, to maximise the potential, and enjoy the success and I keeping thinking every day.

Now, I just get my direction (a little bit) for my future posts in this blog... :-)

Maybe this is one of my very small community services, keep posting all the motivational and inspiring, a lesson-learned from life, which most of people nowadays, maybe still finding a direction, which I'm hope that all of you keep respond to my post, critics my posts, share your own life-story, which all of people I believe have an adventurous life story, which this "adventurous" in my definition, the moment that you are happy, sad, anger and much more feeling expressions.

TQ for keep reading my first post until the last paragraph. I'm hope all of you have a good life!



  1. tq.....u will see my future post ya!

  2. ni kawan saya ni...lapaq aku tau ko akn berjaya n trus berjaya...haha..not bad..aku nk ko tulis lagi..

  3. nice..terbaik..haha..ko ingat lg x lagu'forever young'?...gud luck aku nk bace lg ...